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Whole Life Full Soul's Women Circles


So far as time can span, women have had an integral role in creating community, fostering connection, providing support and leading the structures of foundation in their communities. Women’s circles have been gathering together throughout the ages. They have supported one another through life events, through child bearing, death of loved ones and have uprooted and fostered movements that have changed history. Women’s circles and gatherings have consistently been a part of our makeup.


Circles of women are sacred. They have been happening in all kinds of forms from ancient rituals to tribal ceremonies and even religious gatherings. The communal sharing of support for another has had powerful impacts on establishing strength as women and forging paths of greater purpose.


In the modern world, we have lost this communal way of gathering together as women. More than ever people feel displaced and a greater yearning to feel a sense of belonging. The greater question is how can those of us who are longing for the sacred in everyday life and those yearning to grow spiritually best be connected through an online medium. Creating an online circle, a space for gathering together under the premise of learning and diving deeper into ourselves as been where I see the intersection between deeper connection to oneself and a greater connection to each other happen.

Whole Life Full Soul's Women Circles

We have to create the opportunities we want to see not only for ourselves but for each other. It’s always been a mission of mine to help people feel less alone in their journeys and to offer the insight I have during my time here on this Earth. One of the ways I feel most currently called to do this is to truly take the online community that has been manifested here and provide an opportunity to real time, vulnerable and meaningful connection to blossom. We live in a unique time for women’s circles to be created as there are no geographic limitations in connecting to one another as there were in previous generations. We are not restrained in finding the people we connect with, but more so in making and facilitating the time to do so in an intentional and integral way. It is such a pertinent time to form strong connections and output our light to the greater global community.


It is the strength and support of one another that allow us to see our own personal strength and feel empowered in our individual and collective purposes. As women we are nurturers by birth and our spirits are called to do greater work outside of ourselves. But it is only with the understanding of caring for ourselves, nourishing our souls, that we can truly do the life’s work that is meant for us in a way that not only impacts the greater world but that remains sustainable and steadfast for ourselves.


Sacred women’s circles offer the space of connection, community and congregation. They are steeped in support, growth and personal vitality that ripples into a larger community. As women, we are the bedrock for growth and opportunity to create both outwardly and inwardly.





It has been my desire to offer the space to connect more deeply to each other, learn how to take of ourselves and grow together and it is filling my soul to be offering them to you now.


There are several different circles offered depending on what you’re feeling most called to work and connect on right now. They run twice a month for a period of 3 month commitment. At the end of that you can enroll again as the course and women’s circle grows and evolves together.



Fundamental Nourishment Circle





Renew your connection to your body and your heart. In the Fundamental Nourishment circle you will expand your understanding of yourself, your deepest needs and how to feed your soul and body from a strong foundation of balance and ease as you navigate your life. Connect with other women who are tapping into their personal strength and offering the support of their vital energy.

  • create the foundation of connection to your innermost core
  • develop a deep relationship with who you are
  • connect with other like-minded women
  • be supported by a strong community
  • foster lasting relationships with yourself and others
  • learn to take care of you from a place of understanding of yourself

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Self-Care Circle

Open yourself to joy with self-care rituals that truly fill you up and nourish your soul. In the Self-Care Circle gain a better understanding of what you need for self-care, deepen your self-love and connect with women supporting women in a strengthening and relationship building environment.

  • discover what self-care means for you
  • learn to embody your body
  • connect deeper to yourself and to other women
  • create ritualistic self-care practices that feed your mind, body & soul
  • enhance your sense of grounding & maintain a strong foundation

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Moon Circle




Moon beams have powerful energetic waves that create shifts and changes. Captivate on these in congregation with a community of women in the Moon Circle. Local to Seattle, you will be person to person and introduced to women within the community. Be open to the gifts you need to receive and learn where to let go.

  • strengthen your spiritual connection
  • reunite with the cycles of the Earth & Moon
  • cultivate an in-person community of women
  • be supported and understood
  • have a deeper awareness of the Universe

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If you have any specific questions about the Whole Life Full Soul Women’s Circles email kari@wholelifefullsoul.com or contact through social media on Instagram or Facebook.


Whole Life Full Soul's Women Circles

I am honored to share space with you all, and I am blessed to be able to create this opportunity for deeper connection. Join me in creating a vibrant and powerful community of women supporting women.






Each time women gather in circles with one
another the world heals a little more.

The Roots of Grief

Part of why I love having Soul Power as a part of this site is because it provides the opportunity to further connect with one another as a community. I appreciate so much the depth at which people are willing to go with their writing, and personal anecdotes. Carrie Lewman, is a brave woman who writes over on her site carrielewman.com.  I’ve come to know her virtually through her participation in my September Self-Care program a year ago. She took so much away from that experience, and continued to help herself in her journey to healing. It brings me so much joy to share with you her writing as a part of her process in understanding herself in dealing with loss and a deeper connection within.

*If you’re interested in this upcoming September Self-Care program more info –> here. See Carrie’s raving post on her experience here.

Roots of Grief

My thoughts on death and loss have always been that grief is what you experience afterwards. That it is a stage you enter into. Actually grief is not something that happens to you, it is something you do afterwards. It is your reaction to loss or death. We have all heard of, and perhaps walked the many stages of grief; anger, denial, depression, acceptance, etc…, but no one ever speaks of the heartbreak. It is essentially the root of grief and where most people get stuck. Your heart has been broken as the result of loss and this loss does not always directly pertain to physical death. It can be the demise of a relationship, loss of a job, relocating, loss of innocence, and disappointment in life not turning out how you thought it would, just to name a few.

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It Happened to Me

I met Tera Bucasas (terabucasas on Instagram) here in Seattle for the first time and absolutely fell in love with her energy, her laughter and her healing-centered mission. When she first told me about her program, Yoga For Healing, I connected immediately with her purpose. She has worked as a yoga instructor for many years but realized through her own body acceptance journey that her path to help others was more than solely a physical connection. You can find most of her writings on her blog, Real Fit Yoga and I recommend you start with one of my favorite posts, here. I get the privilege of not only calling this beautiful, strong woman my friend, but get to share a piece of her truth through Soul Power as this months featured writer.

It Happened to Me

Exercise is a privilege, not a punishment. That was something I learned the hard way. I never thought my body would turn on me so quickly. I had that smug belief that ‘it won’t happen to me.’ I was healthy, truly healthy, for the first time in my life. Or so I thought.

In my past I looked healthy on the outside, but I ate junk, drank too much, didn’t get good sleep, and although you may not have been able to tell it was affecting my insides. Eventually I turned things around.  I became a nutritional therapy practitioner and a yoga instructor.  I fueled myself with whole foods, I exercised, I got good sleep. I did all the things I was ‘supposed’ to do to be healthy. Then of course, I wanted to show people ‘the way’ to health. I had figured it out. My passion, my joy, my life was health and fitness.

Then, everything changed. Within a couple months, despite my healthy life, I had a body and a life that didn’t feel like my own.  I was fatigued, severely depressed, I had anxiety, my body hurt, my blood sugar was high, my hormones were even more out of balance than before and none of it made sense. Oh and did I mention I started to gain weight?


Between the change in my mood, energy and body it felt like I had lost myself.

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Soul Power


It’s a season of change, of growth and opportunity. Over time, what started as a blog to share my experiences with chronic illnesses has developed into something far greater. I love having this space to share what I know from my experiences, research and creations. As Whole Life, Full Soul has grown, so has my desire to share more, to invite the opportunity for everyone to feel heard, create access to open conversations around emotional experiences and the topics that are more challenging to talk about.

My main goal in creating this site was to foster a community. In so many ways I have seen this happen with people connecting on Instagram, and those of you who continue to read my articles daily. There aren’t words that do justice to the gratitude I feel to be able to foster a space that offers perspective, inquisitive thought and the reminder that you are not alone on your journey. In fact, the opposite, you are welcomed, loved and encouraged by so many people that have been there before, maybe are struggling along side you and celebrating joys simultaneously. We are a part of a network connected on a spiritual level and because of this, we seek community. We desire to find something to relate to, to identify with, to make us feel, rather, to softly remind us that we are not alone.

At 15 how I would have loved to connect with someone who had experienced the pain that was then consuming my life. Someone who knew what joint pain was really like, how dealing with a diagnosis is all consuming and confusing, how tumultuous relationships can destroy your self-perspective and to give perspective through the course of dealing with life as a person with a then debilitating disease.

Shortly after receiving a diagnosis my doctor asked if I would speak in front of the hospital residents about my particular symptoms and disease progression. I couldn’t fathom it. I was still barely able to talk about it with my mom without breaking down let alone a hundred-plus hospital residents. I told her no. There’s no way she would get me to do it.

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Creating Connections & Community

Last weekend I took a long trip out to the Olympic Peninsula. I had a women’s weekend planned by two of my favorite people I’ve met through the work I do online, Holly from The Common Woman and Gigi, who I met through Instagram!

I approached the weekend with excitement and gratitude that I actually get to be in the same space with other women who truly get what it’s like to live authentically, but I was also navigating a ton of emotions and feelings of my own.

For a while I’d been feeling like I needed some breathing room, and knowing myself (key part here) I knew what I needed most was a few days to relish in my own exploring before the weekend officially commenced. In a way, I took my own self-care sabbatical, and the time to remove myself from obligations, commitments, responsibilities and social media and just be. I needed this space for me, in order to be able to be fully present for everyone else during the weekend. It’s only through my personal self-care and really understanding my own needs that I am able to acknowledge these messages. I took a hike on the Dungeness Spit along the ocean and decided that seals a really just the dogs of the ocean, so playful as they pop in and out of the water! I spent time relaxing in Gigi’s garden, enjoying meals with her, and connecting on a spiritual level. I was filling up my cup, so I could over-flow with abundance to give everyone else.

For me, this has been key in understanding how to navigate autoimmunity. Giving back to myself so I have enough reserves to give to others is the number one game-changer in my lifestyle and maintaining fluidity in my relationships with others and myself.

This weekend was about sharing, caring, giving and connecting. I couldn’t have been committed to this space if I wasn’t first committed to my own needs.


Creating Connections & Community




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For The Love Of Food

Food serves a purpose. Multiple purposes in fact. To fill the body with nutrients so it can burn calories to use for energy, but it also serves to nourish us. I mean truly satisfy the inner parts of us all that find joy from sitting around a table giving each other the ultimate gift which grounds us to the Earth.  By creating flavorful dishes but more so by sharing with the intention offering food as love, we nourish one another.

I’ve watched my grandmother tirelessly bake a twelve-layer lemon cake year after year just as my great-grandmother did in the years past. It’s not because she loves spending hours baking the layers, cooking the lemon curd or finally icing each layer and carefully placing one on top of the other. It’s the joy she see’s on my grandpa’s face when he takes a bite. It’s the slightly higher pitched crack in her grandson’s voice when he asks if she had the time to make it this year. These are the feelings that make our souls full.

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