Nutrient dense whole foods combined with connection, fun and adventure to live a life that is full. By focusing on nourishing foods that provide sustenance to the body we’re better able to enjoy life. We rid ourselves of pain, disease, and inflammation by eliminating processed foods and with the unnecessary things in life that no longer serve us. I focus on eating foods that make me feel amazing and let go of all that doesn’t. Yep, it’s that simple.


By removing processed foods, grains, gluten, dairy and sugar it opens up space to focus on vegetables, quality protein, green foods and healthy fats. When focusing to reduce inflammation in the gut other foods to eliminate are nightshades (peppers/ spices, eggplant, tomatoes & potatoes)  eggs, nuts and seeds. These are the guidelines of the Autoimmune Protocol as outline by Sarah Ballantyne, PHD.  This protocol focuses on removing the most common food allergens in hopes of restoring health to the gut and reducing inflammatory factors that cause flares of autoimmune diseases. Using this elimination protocol has offered great results to many people using it as a form of guidance in finding foods that agree with their body and make them feel well. This is where I began on my journey to eliminating my autoimmune symptoms.


Using real food as the cornerstone to wellness we open up space to fill our life with meaning, purpose and FUN! Whole Life, Full Soul is more than just a food blog but a guide to nourishing your body and living well. The recipes shared here are focused on whole real foods, a heavy emphasis on greens, colorful vegetables, quality proteins (both plant and animal based) and are adaptable for most dietary needs. My recipes are completely free of gluten and dairy, most are free from nuts, seeds, eggs and nightshades or indicate otherwise.


It’s important to remember that it’s not ALL about food. While food is extremely important to our vitality as humans there are other important factors in maintaining wellness. Here I share my love for yoga, experience with various healing modalities, the importance of moving your body, stress management, self-care practices and finding joy in every moment. These areas of life are what help us to sustain positivity and optimism by taking care of our whole body.


Here are my basic suggestions for transition into an awareness around food, your body, health and vibrancy.

1. The more vegetables to better health. Even if you take nothing out of your diet to begin with, simply ADDING copious amounts of veggies will make a huge difference in your mental clarity, skin, and mood.

2. Shop smart. Go organic on the items that are highest in pesticides. Buy as much as you can locally to support farmers and sustain your environment. Buy animal proteins that are fed their natural diet, raised humanely and cared for.

3. Move at least once a day. Movement is an integral part of who we are as humans. From the beginning we have been active hunter and gatherers who spent time outside. If you do one thing a day make sure it’s some type of movement, think of it as a ritual with your body to appreciate it’s glorious ability to move. My primary movements of choice are yoga, walking and hiking.

4. Enjoy the process. Many people are intimidated by real foods because they’ve never cooked before. Look at this as a new experience, an adventure where you get to be creative, have fun and learn about yourself. Be fully present when you’re cooking. Taste each ingredient when you eat and relish how good it tastes. Approaching it with this mindset allows you to fully embrace this new life change.

5. Find joy and acknowledge gratitude. You are AMAZING, it’s that simple. You were created to do extraordinary things in life and by prioritizing your own wellness you’re going to be able to offer all of your talents to the world in ways you didn’t know were possible before. Be thankful as you remember that knowledge is power as you continue to grow and learn about yourself every day through these practices.