I am a holistic health coach and I am not a licensed medical doctor or licensed primary care provider. Simply, I am a person (like you) highly motivated by my own autoimmune disease and health struggles who decided to get an education behind nutrition to help people in the way I have helped myself. What I write is based on my education, research, and personal experience but is in no way to be taken as any form of treatment plan or diagnosis.

My sole intention is to offer educational information on whole foods and lifestyle practices to encourage wellness. If you choose to use this information to work on yourself then you affirm that the responsibility is solely your own. This is how I got to where I am today, by taking my health into my own hands. I am not responsible for your choices but encourage you to  feel empowered to make your own.

Recipes and any nutritional information are written for your own knowledge and encouragement but everything I write is based on my knowledge and research. I am not a doctor and should not replace a doctor’s role in the care of your health. Simply I am a supporter of lifestyle changes and encourager of holistic health methods and radical self love. Please always refer to your doctor with any medical questions


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