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Welcome to my soul space! I am Kari Owens a self-love advocate, Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC), Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT), joy finder, and passion instigator. Whole Life, Full Soul is a sphere of the web dedicated to encouraging others to embrace a holistic approach to wellness and accept their true selves.  I serve as an intuitive guide for people to deepen their understanding of how to take care of themselves, soul, mind and body. My goal is to help you become an ambassador for your health and vitality.

I use my personal experience and educated knowledge to help other people live the kind of life they’ve always imagined for themselves. I love getting to see people break down and move through barriers they’re facing and onto the way they have always desired to show up in the world. It’s an honor to get to watch and assist people in their personal growth.

When I was fifteen my fingers suddenly started to curl under into my hands, my knees began to buckle when I walked, I gained 20 pounds and couldn’t even grip a fork and knife. Over the course of six months I lost most of my friends making feel like I had no value in the world. I should have been concerned with what dress I would wear to the homecoming dance but instead I was burdened with whether I’d be able to walk the next day. Doctors told me there was nothing wrong with me. I was shown the door day after day because most days my pain wasn’t easy for others see, to them it was invisible.

By the time I was diagnosed I was nearly fully immobile. I’ve now lived with the autoimmune disease Ankylosing Spondylitis for over a decade. For much of that time I went through the motions in life and hated myself for not feeling well enough to do the things I love. Today my life looks very different, I wake up in the morning without stiffness and start my day with yoga. I relish in gratitude that I have the ability to move. By changing my mentality, committing to movement and understanding myself I harnessed the power to restore my health and ultimately my way of living.

I’ve gone further in exploring the mental and emotional pieces connected to the mind and body to help mend past traumas that contribute to illness. I have spent years and thousands of hours training in mindfulness, nutrition, yoga therapy and healing practices.


When I shifted my focus into living well it generated a monumental shift in my mentality, I want that for you too.


I get excited by being a part of a community of people who lift each other up and inspire one another to love themselves wholeheartedly. Consider yourself a part of the club!

The best places to find me are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Email me at kari@wholelifefullsoul.com



Kari Owens, CTNC, CYT Professional Bio Kari - Whole Life, Full Soul

Kari Owens is a writer, wellness lifestyle coach, public speaker and founder of Soul Power. Kari has worked in advocacy roles in the disability and wellness arena for over a decade. Her infectious approach to life spreads through all of the work she’s involved in. Her mission is to help women reconnect to themselves and realize they can live fully from a place of abundance instead of by definition of their barriers.

Kari is passionate about working with women to optimize their life through healthy sustainable habits, creating a practice of self-awareness and putting themselves first.Through working with Kari women gain a deep understanding on how connecting to themselves gives them greater meaning and purpose in their life.

She has worked with women on everything from managing stressful schedules, serving others, professional development, relationships and managing chronic illness. As a Certified Yoga Teacher she incorporates movement and meditation in her work to connect women more to themselves so they can reach their fullest potential.

Kari is passionate about writing and speaking on how to help women take better care of themselves, identity through disability, lifestyle changes and the power of vulnerability in forming meaningful relationships.

Her greatest loves in life are traveling, practicing yoga and being in the company of other people. You’ll likely find her hiking in the mountains, playing with food in the kitchen or writing in a café in her current home city Seattle, Washington.