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“Yoga is the journey of the self,

to the self,

through the self.”

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Yoga Background

My journey to yoga was one with mixed ups and downs. I liked the idea of yoga, but I was intimidated by it. In 2010 when I first started trying yoga, I was in a place where my mobility was severely limited. I was experiencing another flare of debilitating arthritis and most of the yoga classes I tried taking were not accessible. Downward dog seemed impossible and even child’s pose felt like misery. But I wanted to connect deeper to myself. As I dabbled in and out of yoga classes for a few years, it was in 2013 that I started studying yoga more seriously. However, I didn’t start with the body, I started with the mind.

I began understanding how the 8 limbs of yoga applied in all of my life, not solely in the way that I moved, but how I interacted with the world, and ultimately with myself. After taking courses studying the basics of the yoga world and how my mind, body and spirit are connected I began to tap deeper into myself, and a budding passion for yoga. I started taking classes more regularly, my mobility increased, but still I felt uncomfortable in many situations, because I didn’t know how to do yoga for MY body.

That same year I started private lessons with my yoga teacher mentor Brooke, who taught me and adapted traditional Vinyasa and yogic practices for my mobility. I learned yoga on a deeply spiritual and physical level within the scope of what I was capable. Then, I’d surprise myself by learning each and every time I could do something that I could not have a couple months before. I was evolving. Over the next few years I dedicated myself to my personal yoga practice, I became whole and one with my practice, it became ritual.

That carried over into 2015 when I discovered Amba yoga, a fluid movement, Earth and feminine based style of yoga that is not only accessible to any body, but allows one to truly tap into their inner divine self through breath and more fluid movement based yoga. In 2016 I graduated as a Certified Yoga Teacher, and with a base in traditional yoga but concentration in Amba and fluid movement. This style of yoga not only guided me into sensing my whole physical being more, but into a deeper level awareness and joy of living inside of my body.

Private Sessions

I deeply value and understand the enriching experience private yoga sessions give because I did them myself for years! I teach private sessions to clients of all ages, abilities and walks of life. Privates also entail a lot of teachings on breath work, body awareness and meditation.

*Private sessions are $60 per 1 hour and located in Seattle, Washington. There are payment plans and other ways to make this opportunity work for you, please get in touch. REMOTE private yoga sessions are absolutely possible, deeply gratifying and valuable. Distance is not an issue.

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December 31, 2016 – Seattle, Washington
New Year’s Eve Intention Setting & Yoga Flow – Proceeds to Benefit Aleppo


September 24, 2017 – Seattle, Washington
Whole Body Awareness & Deep Nourishment

*check back here for details to sign up

December 31, 2017 – Seattle, Washington
New Year’s Eve Intention Setting & Yoga Flow
*check back here for details to sign up


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