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The Whole Life Full Soul Women’s Circles offer the sacred sisterhood and ability to dive more deeply into understanding and nurturing ourselves while supporting one another.

As women, we are the bedrock for growth and opportunity to create both outwardly and inwardly. It is vital that we learn how to take care of ourselves, and each other as we navigate our life. Sacred circles for women offer a space of connection, community and congregation. They are steeped in support, growth and personal vitality that ripples into a larger community.

All descriptions of circles offered and times they take place are listed below. For a deeper dive into the significance of women’s circles and the importance behind creating them, read more.


Connect, share, learn and grow together.





Fundamental Nourishment Circle


Fundamental Nourishment




Renew your connection to your body and your heart. In the Fundamental Nourishment circle you will expand your understanding of yourself, your deepest needs and how to feed your soul and body from a strong foundation of balance and ease as you navigate your life. Connect with other women who are tapping into their personal strength and offering the support of their vital energy.

  • create the foundation of connection to your innermost core
  • develop a deep relationship with who you are
  • connect with other like-minded women
  • be supported by a strong community
  • foster lasting relationships with yourself and others
  • learn to take care of you from a place of understanding of yourself


3 month commitment
1.5 hours twice a month, held virtually
Tuesdays at 5:30 PST
$67 per month, payment due at the beginning of the month

Next circle runs November – January
November: 7th, 21st
December: 5th, 19th
January: 9th, 23rd

Enrollment ends November 5th



Self-Care Circle


Self- Care




Open yourself to joy with self-care rituals that truly fill you up and nourish your soul. In the Self-Care Circle gain a better understanding of what you need for self-care, deepen your self-love and connect with women supporting women in a strengthening and relationship building environment.

  • discover what self-care means for you
  • learn to embody your body
  • connect deeper to yourself and to other women
  • create ritualistic self-care practices that feed your mind, body & soul
  • enhance your sense of grounding & maintain a strong foundation


3 month commitment
1.5 hours twice a month, held virtually
Wednesdays at 2:00 pm PST and 5:00 pm PST
$67 per month, payment due at the beginning of the month

Next circle runs November – January
November: 8th, 22nd
December: 6th, 20th
January: 10th, 24th

Enrollment ends November 5th




Moon Circle

Moon Circle




Moon beams have powerful energetic waves that create shifts and changes. Captivate on these in congregation with a community of women in the Moon Circle. Local to Seattle, you will be person to person and introduced to women within the community. Be open to the gifts you need to receive and learn where to let go.

  • strengthen your spiritual connection
  • reunite with the cycles of the Earth & Moon
  • cultivate an in-person community of women
  • be supported and understood
  • have a deeper awareness of the Universe


Must be local to Seattle
2-3 hours once a month
$15 per circle gathering

New Moon – Friday November 17 @ 7:00 PM
Full Moon – Friday December 1 @ 7:00 PM





Each time women gather in circles with one
another the world heals a little more.