Moon Cake ? {Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free}

Moon Cake ?

I’ve not been asked very often to bake cakes, mostly because I think I am really a terrible baker, which essentially just comes down to me being terrible at following precise measurements. I like to explore, create and bend the rules. Baking doesn’t allow for this. However, there are a few things I have been requested to bake, oatmeal raisin cookies, Christmas cake, and cranberry orange scones. I’ve now recreated two of these to be grain-free, I haven’t yet nailed the third. But these were perfected in traditional flour baking, and I knew them with precision and almost by heart. So when I decide to bake something grain-free it has to be perfect, otherwise, in my opinion it’s just not worth it!

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Savory “Grits” & Soft Boiled Egg – The Perfect Paleo Spring Brunch



In the springtime I crave fresh, simple and beautiful food. It’s all about colors, textures and the experience of eating the food, just as much as it is about the food’s flavor. This perfect Paleo spring brunch is ideal for the coming months of fresh simple produce and warmer sunny days. I love these savory “grits” because they are so light comparatively to their corn inspiration.  I grew up eating grits coming from a southern family and to me they are the epitome of comfort. They take brunch to level that really allows it to be breakfast and lunch, in my opinion. But we all know the “not so secret”, that these aren’t made with corn, but instead cauliflower.

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Four Ingredient Fudge (Paleo)

Four Ingredient Fudge

There nothing quite like chocolate and raspberries when it comes to a dessert. Am I right? I’ve gotten to the point where sweets really aren’t a huge part of my life, but having something that satisfies that craving once and a while is so nice! That’s why I love this four ingredient fudge.

I’ve been making this “fudge” forever now but never posted it. It’s one of those “it’s so simple you don’t need a recipe” kind of recipes. But then again that’s pretty much how I cook across the board. You’ll know this is especially if you have my ebook Mind & Body Balancing. 

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N’oatmeal Raisin Cookies (Paleo + Vegan)

N'oatmeal Raisin Cookies

There have been several occasions on my blog where I have fully disclosed my lack of talent in the baking department (ahem, the pie from hell!) Well, the truth is, that’s still true. Though, prior to leading a grain-free lifestyle though there were a handful of baked goods that I had mastered. I mean MASTERED! One of them, was Christmas Cake, which you can now eat grain-free too! The other, oatmeal raisin cookies. One of my weak-in-the-knees kind of foods. My idea has been to try to recreate the foods I had mastered in traditional baking, in a grain-free way. Which is how I now give you, n’oatmeal raisin cookies!

I am ecstatic about these cookies for SO many reasons! The first being they are grain-free which hence the name, you can gather there are no oats in these! BUT there are also no eggs, yep, that’s right!! For all my vegan friends or those of you with egg intolerance/allergies, these are my gift to you!


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Stone Fruit Salsa Salmon {AIP & Paleo)

Stone Fruit Salsa with Salmon



If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that I got the most random episode of a sinus cold this past week. It took me by complete surprise. It is the middle of summer, after all. I was fine on Tuesday, but I woke up Wednesday morning and could barely breathe through my nose, lost my sense of smell and generally felt pretty miserable. Lucky me, I had a busy day that day with back to back meetings so I pushed through. Later that evening I totally crashed and ending up breaking a fever through the night.

I knew there was no way I could fight this thing on my own. At the onset I took vitamin C, B and zinc to help my immune system and body overall. Throughout the day I loaded up on turmeric and broths, the healing foods. Most importantly, I called my acupuncturist!

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Green Gazpacho Soup


When spring and summer come all I can think about are getting my hands on all the fresh produce and vegetables possible. It’s a time when I leisurely walk the farmer’s markets. I am constantly inspired by fresh local produce, and right now there is so much to be excited about. Between fresh berries, figs, collard, dandelion greens, zucchini, and asparagus there is so much right now to make healthy eating super convenient.

Seeing all of the green vegetables as I tote them home in my market bag is one of my simple pleasures in life. It makes me so dang happy. Does anything do that for you?

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High-protein hummus without the chickpeas perfect for Vegans, Paleo, AIP




Prior to the days where I no longer eat grains and legumes I loved hummus! Seriously I’d dip whatever I could into it, pretzels, carrots, cucumbers, spread it on tortillas the list goes on. When I think about how I used to eat, it was never a poor diet, the main difference between what I felt was healthy then, and what I know is healthy now is a matter of nutrients. And even though my diet lifestyle was seemingly “healthy” is was nutritionally void.

I am not here to protest legumes, or tell you that they are bad, by any means. Since healing with AIP I have had an occasional chickpea with no ailments. However, knowing what kind of damage they can do to the gut (one that still is healing) long term I choose not to eat them. I think they can be great for some people who already have incredibly established gut flora and a microbiome that eat’s the crap out of carbs (in a good way!) But I’m taking a gander that you may not be that person either. So in desperation of wanting that salty, creamy dip back I’ve been experimenting with ways to create a similar palate without the use of legumes.

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Vital Green Juice

Vital Green Drink

It’s the season of cleanses, juices, and fasting. But no worries, I am not here to tell you to stop eating or to go on any diet plan. No in fact, I tell my clients the exact opposite. I took my time in healing, and yes that involved various aspects of food restrictions, and there are a good many foods I still choose not to eat at this current time. That’s my own choice, and you should feel confident and empowered in your own.


No, instead I am all about helping people figure out what to ADD to their life, both in diet and lifestyle to bring even more joy, energy and health. This green juice is exactly one of those things.

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Christmas Cake {Gluten Free/Paleo}

Christmas Cake {Paleo/Gluten Free}

When I think about winter, I remember riding my bike in the snow, I think about glittering lights in the streets of Belgium, I see the warm mist of my breath in the air, I long for the holiday markets in Europe where clove and orange captivate the senses, and I think about Christmas Cake, which is all much more than a cake to begin with.

The years my family spent living in Belgium were undoubtedly some of the best years of our lives. Living there had a magical simplicity to it that made time feel as though it moved at a pace where if we tried hard enough, we could almost capture it like a firefly in a mason jar. Now, feeling as though it was forever ago, so much of me holds tight to my most sacred memories of that time.

One of those fond memories being the ever-famous Christmas Cake.

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Italian Kale & Sausage Soup

Italian Kale & Sausage Soup

In the winter time, soup is everything to me. I love being able to curl up with a piping bowl full of bone broth whether its morning, noon or night. It doesn’t matter. I especially love soups that don’t take much effort, I think many of us can agree that having a pot simmer on the stove without having much to do with it is ideal. This is especially true I find more me during the Holidays.

This year the Holiday season has been especially filling for me in many ways. I have what seems to be all of the sudden a raging social life which really nourishes my spirit. While I love this, because connecting with people is how I restore and gain some of my energy it also makes me really busy so soup is perfect to being able to have food whenever I need it.

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