Self-care Summit with Kari of Whole Life Full Soul



This Self-Care Summit is dedicated to deepening the relationship with yourself through lifestyle modifications, radical self-love practices, practical therapies and nurturing relaxation in daily life. Over the course of four weeks you will have unlimited access to videos corresponding to a lesson each week. 


You will have the opportunity to hear questions answered, ask questions yourself, and have one-on-one chat with myself and other members of the program. Additionally, you have a private group connection board where you can talk with other members, ask questions, pose discussion topics and insightful anecdotes from what you’re learning throughout the program. This is a space where vulnerability is welcomed and comfortable sharing is fostered. It’s an opportunity to have an exclusive group coaching experience with me!


Each week you will receive an email from me with topics from that week’s lesson, planning guides to help you create your own self-care routine along with resources and recommendations of my own personal self-care regimen. You’ll also receive a free copy of Mind & Body Balancing, my e-book focused on nutritional elements of deep self-care.


This program valued at over $975 for personal coaching with me, you receive a deeply valuable experience for very little cost. The entire program costs $75, which breaks down to $18.75 for a session with me, a literal fraction of what it costs to work with me individually, plus all the other bonus resources and group engagement!

Sign up HERE! The next Summit kicks off January 1st! 


This is my soul space. I love doing this program! I genuinely want to help you create a practice that not only feels good, but is sustainable for you to continue once the program ends. This is about transforming your life, your relationship with yourself. It’s far greater than just a few weeks of your time.




Private Access to 4 Previously Live-Recorded Sessions
Group Coaching With Kari
Weekly Topic Emails
Personal Planning Guide
Recommended Books & Tools
Private Group Community

Free copy of  Mind & Body Balancing Ebook

Special *discounts* on wellness products!
(Like Primally Pure, Vital Proteins and more!)

ONLY $75





But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what previous participants have to say.

“This program was eye-opening and life changing for me. My whole idea and concept of what self-care is changed after participating in this program. There are probably a lot of excuses you could come up with to not participate in this, but I am telling you that if you go for it and commit you will not be disappointed.”


“I really enjoyed Kari’s Self-care summit I participated in September of 2016. Her program encourages those new to the concept to ease into it by ‘Focus’ (ing) small and build on that’, and for those who are familiar with the different techniques, we are reminded to carve out time from our busy lives to practice and benefit from this important aspect of wellness. Her program has contributed to helping me commit to a sustainable self-care practice which has now become second-nature to me. Thank you again Kari!”

“Kari really dives deep into what OVERALL self-care is.”

“Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for having this self care series and for being there for me over these last few weeks. You have no idea how amazing it is to be getting support in this journey. September Self Care was a great way to just hit the ground running and really dive back into self care.”


“Listening to Kari talk, I was like ‘Aha!’ as I realized why it has been so difficult for me to add in self care.”





Purchase of the program is non-refundable and  non-transferable after the group sessions have kicked off. It can be transferred before the start date.